FAQ’S Breakfast & Afterschool Club

We understand that you may have lots of questions about our Breakfast/Afterschool clubs regarding your child’s welfare and so forth, so at the bottom of this page are answers to the questions we are frequently asked.

If you have other questions please get in touch with us via email or call 0208 9793100 (9.30am – 2.30pm)

How to register

To register your child please click on the tab ‘How to Apply’ . Complete the relevant application forms  and submit your application on- line.  If you wish to book ad- hoc sessions you still need to register your child but you must contact the Supervisor of the relevant site to ensure we can accommodate your child on the dates required. See location for supervisor’s site mobile.

Booking and Paying

How and when do I pay?

When you submit your application, a non- refundable registration fee of £10 per child is due.  If you request ‘Permanent sessions’ then a futher reservation fee is required to secure your child’s sessions. However, provided you do not cancel any sessions once offered the reservation fee will be refunded in your first invoice. (Please note that payment cannot be made via childcare vouchers for this transaction). Head Office will call you to request the payment.

Going forward invoices are sent via e-mail each half term and are produced approximately the 2nd week of each half term. The due date of the invoices means that you pay a little in arrears and a little in advance of sessions

Methods of payment accepted are: cash, cheque, internet payments, childcare vouchers and debit/credit cards via chip & pin by calling our head office 0208 979 3100 Monday – Friday Term time, 9.30am – 2.30pm. The invoice contains our bank details and your unique invoice reference to quote so that we can reconcile accounts.

Please note that if payment is made later than the due date, a late fee of £10 will be added to your next invoice.

Can I use childcare vouchers to pay for my booking?

Yes, childcare vouchers are accepted to pay for all or some of your Clubland childcare bookings. Please see the ‘payments‘ section under Parent guide for details of all childcare voucher companies we are registered with and our corresponding reference details to manage payments. If for any reason your childcare voucher company is not listed, please e-mail our Bookkeeper emma@clubland-playscheme.com so that we can arrange to register with them. Any queries relating to childcare voucher payments should be directed to Emma.

Will I be charged a late fee if I use childcare vouchers and payment is not received by your due date?

We appreciate that the payment date of your childcare vouchers is linked to your salary and therefore may not co-coincide with our due date and therefore a late fee will not be charged. However, if continually receive insufficient payments to cover ones childcare costs, we will impose the late fee.

What if I need to cancel a permanent session?

When opting for permanent sessions you agree to abide to our terms and conditions which requires you to give 6 weeks’ notice in writing of cancellation, alternatively 6 week’s fees are charged in lieu of notice.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent acknowledging receipt of your notice and confirming the last session to be invoiced. If you do not receive a response, please resend the notice to ensure you are not invoiced incorrectly.

Do I still pay if my child is sick or on holiday?

The simple answer is yes. Clubland has made a commitment to you to care for your child on those days and we have to meet our financial obligations.

Does my booking now last till my child leaves school?

We require parents to re-apply every May for the forthcoming academic year. This enables us to foresee how many places are available to the new reception children and it is an Ofsted requirement that we update children’s personal details on an annual basis.

All existing children who attend on a ‘Permanent’ basis  are given priority over new applicants, provided that you re-apply before the due date given in your invite email. A reservation fee is payable to secure your child’s place but will be refunded in your  September invoice provided you do not cancel any sessions before the term commences. After the term commences the usual 6 week’s notice applies.

Reservation fee: One child= £25, Two children = £40, Three children= £60

 About Breakfast club

What time does it open?

Breakfast club opens from 7.15am

Is a register taken?

You are required to sign your child in the register upon arrival. A register is taken before escorting the children to school.

What food is provided?

The children have a choice of cereals, toast, toppings, yogurts, fresh fruit, pancakes, crumpets. Milk, diluted fruit juice, water and  sugar free squash is served.

In the winter baked beans or spaghetti may also be available.

What time does breakfast stop being served?

8.15am prompt to ensure all children are ready for School and the setting is tidy.

What sort of activities will they be doing?

No structured activity is on offer in the morning; however the children have access to arts & crafts, role play, construction, Wii, board games and if the weather is kind they will play outside.

How does my child get to school?

A register is taken before school starts and the children are escorted to their respective meeting points by Clubland staff and handed over to the teaching staff.

About Afterschool Club

Do you have sessions when we can visit?

We encourage all children and parents new to Clubland to come for a visit prior to signing up or before they start so that they can meet the team and become familiar with the setting. All visits can be arranged via Karen:  karen@clubland-playscheme.com or directly with the supervisor at the setting.

Do I have to bring my child to you?

Clubland collects all the children attending our afterschool club directly from their classrooms or teaching staff so there is no need for you to hand them over to us.

Do I need to tell the teacher that my child is attending Clubland?

Yes please, follow schools policy for letting them know who is collecting your child. Many schools have white boards for each day, but if your child is due to attend Clubland on a regular basis, I suggest you write them a letter or e-mail.

Will my child be given anything to eat?

The children will be offered the option of a hot/cold snack upon arrival. Due to the different facilities available at each setting the menu varies but typically consists of wholemeal wraps, pittas, sandwiches, toast, toasties, beans, spaghetti, pizza, pasta, ham , cheese, toppings, fresh fruit and vegetables. Sugar free squash and water is available to drink throughout the session and children are encouraged to prepare their own cold snack.

The snack is not considered sufficient as an alternative to their evening meal.

My child has a food allergy, is this catered for?

We never purchase food containing nuts and have alternative food for children who are gluten or diary intolerant. If your child cannot eat certain food whether it be due to an allergy, intolerance, religious or dietary reasons please liaise with the supervisor of the setting so that Club can accommodate your child’s individual needs.

What are your staff to child ratios?

We comply with Ofsted ratio of 1 adult per 10 children under the age of 8 years. Above this age we adhere to 1:15 for good practice.

What sort of activities will they be doing?

At Clubland we adhere to the Playwork Principles which states that play should be child centered, freely chosen and self-directed play. Our role as Playworkers is to facilitate play opportunities, which can be achieved by offering stimulating activities & equipment, physical support or merely through words of encouragement and praise.

The children will have access to a variety of different play equipment ranging from construction, role play, ICT, sports, cookery, quizzes, den building, board games, Wii and arts & crafts.  A structured adult- led activity is offered each session which the children can chose whether or not to participate in.

What happens if my child wants to attend a school run afterschool activity?

This normally poses no problem, you simply need to liaise with the Supervisor to ensure they know where your child is and can arrange for his/her collection or brought to them when the activity finishes. If the activity is due to be held off -site then you need to liaise with the supervisor as to how they are to be collected.

Can they do their homework?

Yes children can do their homework whilst at Clubland. However, please be advised that we will not take responsibility for the correctness of the homework and the time spent will be limited to 30 mins to ensure ratios are not compromised.

Please note that we will not force a child to do their homework, it has to be their choice.

What if my child is having difficulty settling in?

To help them through this transition each child is given a buddy to support them and children in reception years have a key person to help them settle in. If you are experiencing problems with your child attending Clubland please speak with the Supervisor and Karen so that we can support you through this period and find a solution that meets your child’s needs.

What if my child is ill or has an accident at Clubland?

All supervisors hold a 12 hour Paediatric First aid qualification. Dependent upon the severity of the accident or illness, the supervisor will call you and inform you of your child’s condition and administer the appropriate First Aid. An accident/incident form will be completed for you to read and sign upon collection of your child.

If your child is ill whilst at Clubland we will try to isolate them from the other children whilst keeping them comfortable and calm. If your child is suffering from vomiting and or diarrhea then they are not able to return until 48 hours after their last bout of illness.

In some cases where the First Aider feels it appropriate Infant Paracetamol or Piriton will be administered if written permission has been given on the ‘Permission form’.

Sickness & Collection

What if my child is absent from Clubland?

Please send a text or leave a voice message on the site mobile letting the supervisor know your child will not be attending. It causes great anxiety trying to locate a child at the end of the school day as the teacher is not always available.

What if I am late collecting?

If your child has not been collected after the stated closing time of the setting, a late fee of £1 per minute is enforced. This fee is immediately  payable to the Supervisor. To avoid paying late fees we suggest that you join up with another parent or use your emergency contact, giving them your password so that they can collect on your behalf.

Can I send someone to collect my child on my behalf?

Yes you can, provided that you have given them your unique password stated on your child’s ‘registration form’. It is always good practice to contact the Supervisor and inform them of the change in collection procedure.

What to bring to Clubland

Should my child bring a change of clothing?

Generally there is no need as children are provided with aprons for painting and messy play.

Is there anything they shouldn’t bring?

Children will not be allowed the use of mobile phones whilst at Clubland. If they have their phone they will be asked to place it in the ‘staff phone box’ till the end of the sessions. If you wish to contact them during the session, you can call the site mobile.

Special Needs

What if my child needs extra help?

We do not discriminate against any child attending Clubland but we do need to ensure that the setting is right for your child and meets their individual needs. We work in close partnership with Surrey Early Years to ensure that we support children with special needs under their ‘including me project’. If your child needs extra help, speak to us so that we can understand and do what is in the best interest of your child. Contact Karen@clubland-playscheme.com 07770656015 and or your club supervisor.

What if my child has a medical condition?

All details relating to a medical condition must be disclosed on your child’s registration form. If they require medication eg: epi-pen or Ventolin a ‘Permission to administer medication’ form must be completed, see ‘How to apply‘. We need to establish that we can accommodate your child’s medical need or whether we need to access further training before they can attend so that we can meet their needs.

The medication needs to be in a plastic container, clearly labelled with their name, picture, medical condition, Dosage & Frequency and your contact details. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the medication is within its expiry date.

If they have antibiotics we can administer but you need to comply with the above