Thank you for choosing Clubland to care for your child.

To register your child, please click on the ‘Registration form’ link below where you can request to register for permanent  or ad hoc sessions. However, if your child is not due to start school until Sept’21, please note that you are unable to apply until 1st May’21, when our waiting list opens. From 1st May you may apply using the registration link below!

Wish to change the days your child attends Clubland?

Simply complete a ‘Request for sessions‘ form located on the right-hand side of this page, but remember to include all the sessions your child will be attending, not just the extra sessions you are wishing to book or you may end up with fewer sessions than you started off with!


Please note that in all cases where your child requires a form of medication, whether it be Ventolin, Epipen etc a ‘Permission to Administer Medication form, must be completed. The medication should placed in a waterproof box, clearly labelled with your child’s Name, Allergy, Treatment, your contact details and a photo of your child.

To pay registration/security fee

Once we have received your form we will call you to pay the £10 one off, non-refundable registration fee. If you have requested Permanent sessions we will also charge a reservation fee to secure your child’s place.

Reservation fee

One child= £25

Two children = £40

Three children = £60.

The reservation fee will be refunded in your 1st invoice, provided that you do not cancel any sessions once your sessions have been confirmed. However, please note that for the purposes of children re-registering/starting in September, you can cancel with no penalty up till 15th August. Please note that when school commences in September, 6 week’s notice in writing is required to cancel permanent sessions.