St Martin’s Primary School

Ranmore Road, Dorking, RH41HW

Club Site Mobile: 07981 343126

Ofsted Registered EY443789

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Clubland at St Martin’s was established in 2012 and offers a Breakfast & Afterschool club. Breakfast club is managed by Nicki Higgs and Afterschool club by Josie Berryman and Nicki Higgs. We are located in the portacabin on the upper playground and although this space is shared by the key stage 2 library it has not stopped the children taking ownership of the Club. In addition to this room we have access to the Conference room, library, school hall, ICT suite, outside play area and our own allotment. The facilities offer the children scope for developing lots of physical and practical skills such as den building, trim trail challenges and ball/group games as well as developing cognitive skills and life skills.


Abby Fitzwater
Nicki Higgs